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Journal Assignment One - Attitude I have chosen to discuss an attitude held by the character of Peter Gibbons in the beginning of the movie “Office Space“. This movie takes a satirical look at the plight of cubicle-bond office workers. The movies synopsis “Work Sucks” sets the stage for Peter’s attitude. Right from the beginning of the movie Peter displays an unfavorable attitude towards his job, and his life in general. Peter is extremely unhappy and his attitude about his work affects almost everything that he does. He displays this attitude through cognitive, affective, and behavioral components throughout the movie. In an attempt to make his situation better, Peter agrees to seek the help of an Occupational Hypnotherapist to try and save the struggling relationship that he has with his girlfriend Anne. At his session Peter tells the hypnotherapist “Ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it, so that means every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life”. This is the cognitive component of Peter’s attitude. Peter truly believes this statement to be factual and he wakes up each day believing that it will be even worst than the previous day. He does not display much hope of breaking this negative pattern. Peter displays his feelings or the affective component of his attitude when he talks with his co-workers about his job. He is very depressed about his situation and feels no sense of job satisfaction from the work that he does. He does not identify with his job and does not have a high organizational commitment. When reflecting on past decisions that he has made, he make comments like “that’s why I work at Initech” referring to it as some sort of punishment for his mistakes or choices. The behavioral component of Peter’s attitude is displayed when he braces himself

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