Professional Workplace Dilemma

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Professional Workplace Dilemma Dianna V. Luna University of Phoenix BSHS 480 Amy Gingrich, MAED Professional Workplace Dilemma In the professional world a person usually acts in a manner considered proper without much thought to what is morally or ethically right. According to, Myron Curry in the professional world one should act in a manner with the Golden Rule at hand. This rule he goes on to describe as: “Don't hurt, don't steal, don't lie, or one of the most famous, Do unto others as you would have done to you” (2012, p. 1). With these one should be able to judge for oneself what is right and what is wrong. Some years ago, a person made the decision to lie not thinking of the integrity of the other person, or of the potential outcome. Although, this was a trying experience the outcome ended in a positive note. Describe Two staff members are placed to work together for the day. They are to take three students out into the community and work on ordering a meal. At the end of the day both staff members headed back to school grounds each going his and her way. When the female staff arrived back, she was called by the supervisor and asked why she diverted from her group. Unaware of why she was yelled at and questioned. She just stood trying to explain the male staff had his car and left the group. It became evident the male staff told the supervisor that it was fine with her to leave his students and let her walk back to campus with three special needs students, one of whom was in a wheelchair. The male staff made a false accusation against his coworker. The female staff was new to her assignment, she was not sure if she should tell the truth or just let the head staff think she did wrong. Tim Mazur says people sometimes lie or make a false statement with deliberate intent to deceive not to hurt someone but to cover an action (Lying). Joshua
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