Autism: ESE 315 Survey Of Exceptional Students

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RUNNING HEAD: Autism Autism By: Emily Hickman Professor Alan Reitman ESE 315 Survey of Exceptional Students Ashford University 2/19/12 Autism The disability that I chose is autism. One of the reasons that I chose autism is because I wanted to learn more about it. I did work with a little boy in my class a few years ago that had a severe case of autism but I did not know that much about it. I knew he had it but I never researched it to learn anything about it. In this paper I will discuss at least five common characteristics of a student with autism. I will discuss and determine at least five student needs given the nature of autism. And I will discuss at least five accommodations to be used to support these students progress…show more content…
“Repetitive behavior involves repeated movements and verbalizations. These include motor movements, persistent attention to parts of objects and strict adherence to routines.” (Turnbull A, Turnbull R, Wehmeyer M, Exceptional Lives Special Education in Today’s Schools 2010). Now, with students who have autism it is very important to have a good simple routine and stick to it. And it is very important to tell them about a change at the beginning of the day rather than waiting right up until it is supposed to happen. Sticking to a routine will help things to not be so chaotic when it comes to transition time and telling the student about a change will help that student deal with that change before problem behavior can occur. I have seen problem behavior before in a child that I worked with who had autism. We were going on a field trip and the teacher neglected to tell the child that we were going on a field trip. I did not know that he was not told about it and my bus monitor did not know. So, when she called his name to go get on the bus, he freaked out. He started screaming and he ran to a picture that we had on our schedule. It was what we were supposed to be doing at that time. The teacher finally got him calmed down and explained to him that we were going on a field trip and that when we come back we will be here and she pointed to the schedule and he got on the bus.…show more content…
I think that reading is where most students have trouble and this is where they slip through the cracks at school. Some teachers don’t want to deal with it so they just push the child through. I think that what really needs to be done is that teachers need to take the time to help these kids. They need to make sure they understand the work. They need to make sure the stuff is age appropriate for their reading ages; doing this will help a child to succeed at reading. The fifth accommodation that I would like to talk about is group work. I would start out with small groups. Don’t move them around too much. And I would let them have some say in what goes on in the group. I believe that doing this will help the student socially. They do need help but not all the time. I talked about what autism is and five characteristics of autism. I talked about five needs of autism. I talked about five accommodations for students with autism and I think I gave a rationale for each of them. This assignment was hard and I did learn from the experience and I would like to thank you for allowing me to do

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