Stereotypes In The Movie 'The Breakfast Club'

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English 100 October 25, 2011 Stereotypes Suck High school is the period of time when most people undergo the inevitable phase of finding themselves. However, it is not easy to recognize who they really are as they tend to be restrained by the stereotypes that others perceive them as. This is precisely what happened to the five main characters in the famous movie: The Breakfast Club. The movie reflected not just the high school habit of teenage, but also the whole of youth generation. The Breakfast Club approached people by toss out unique stereotypes of each of fives characters in the movie. Each of them comes up from different classes in high school social system and characterizes one another by their appearances. As the movie…show more content…
However, it is not a normal school day but Saturday detention. Most of five students come to school with their parents. Unlike the other four students, Bender walks to school alone and careless about whatever happens in front of him. He doesn’t care to avoid the car driven by Alison’s parent coming. Brian Johnson, is as normal as every students are, is dropped off by his mother and his little sister. They pressure him that he has to take his detention time to study and doing homework, yet he argues that student cannot do their homework during detention session. These students come to their school by different ways, and each way shows what kind of stereotype they begin. From what Brian’s mom did to him in the car, viewers can easily recognize that he is some kind of nerdy. Brian is forced to take advantage of his studying whenever he is able to do it. Moreover, by telling her mom that it is his last detention instead of first, Brian shows that he does not want his parents to be disappointed about him. Brian seems not want to make fight or argue with people around and he is a submissiveness…show more content…
The personality and action of Brian start to change at the middle of the film. Different with quiet and obedience at first seen in the detention, Brian now is more active and communicates with others. He stands up to break the fight between Andrew and Bender, but he gets pushed out. The “brain” catches viewers’ attentions that he changes from instead avoid troubles for him; he would rather work it out peacefully. In addition, in the near end of the movie, Brian makes the group and viewers have to thinking by very meaningful question: “Come Monday, are we all friends?” By this question, the “brain” once again express that he have changed. That is why he asks the question to make sure if anyone among the students has the same feeling with him. Brian is willing to change by making friends with the “out-cast”. He does not care about how different they are; as long as he believes they are his best friends. By that touching question, Brian seems to want to break his original stereotype as a meekness person and become more confident to connect with different types of student. At this point, he is realizing that the other four students, who were totally different with him in the morning, are making him be able to open his mind and release the pressure inside him. He was longed to find friendships, in which he can be

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