Professional Development Essay

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Unit 2 – Promote Professional development 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Continually improving knowledge and practice is an essential component in continuing organisational success. Professional development enables organisations to change to meet the current demands of the services they provide. Professional development is ongoing throughout professional careers to enhance their skills and knowledge. It is important for me as a professional to continually improve my knowledge so I can continue to work within the guidelines of the policies and procedures set within the organisation I work in along with following the current legislation and the standards within my work setting. When having undertaken training it is important to feedback this knowledge to my colleagues to provide up to date accurate information in order for them to full fill their roles, this is shared during weekly team meetings when time has been allocated for this purpose. In sharing this knowledge and information it enables other support workers I work with to also work effectively with accurate information. If the information to share is in a document this is shared by the organisations protected emailing system so staff can access this when convenient and can reflect back on this. Training to further knowledge and practice that is relevant to my supporting role is identified during regular supervision and annual IPA’s, this enables me and my manager to identity training that is not only available but is beneficial for me as a worker and for the organisation. Training that becomes available throughout the year is shared in team meetings for staff to express their interest and apply. I feel undertaking training is beneficial for my career as it increases my knowledge and my practice giving me a broader range of skills within my
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