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BSBWOR502A: ENSURE TEAM EFFECTIVENESS Assessment tool 2 (AT2) 1. If you were appointed the leader for a newly established team, describe how you would ensure that all memebers of the team knew what they had to accomplish. As a leader for the development of a new team performance plan, the following steps should be considered to ensure roles, duties, and outcomes for each individual is achieved. Roles should be clarified and liased with upper management so members understand their purpose. Conducting meetings, interviews, brainstorming sessions, communication via email, newsletter or other devices. To ensure that all new employees have the opportunity to contribute towards the team an team plan. (This also enables employees to get…show more content…
Which provides and clarifies employees their new responsibilities, outcomes and most important individual performance. Feedback should be practiced for each individual employees via meetings, or other devices to reinforce team performance and effectiveness with intention of providing motivation for team 2. Why is encouraging participation in the planning, decision making and operational aspects of the team's work important for developing team cohesion, and what role does feedback play in doing this. Offering feedback and reinforcements is important because it commends and offers opportunities to review and reward its members for their contribution, and the standard of cooperation to the work produced. Investing feedback in developing team cohesion is vital for the teams dynamics to work, because it inhibits or enables employees to be more productive. Feedback maintains focus for team cohesion, builds strong relationships and trust for the team 3. Teams can actually work against each other if they are not managed well. How can you ensure that the teams within your organisation work…show more content…
Team members rely on each other to fulfil specific roles and specific objectives. 4. What are the key aspects to establishing and maintaining open communication processes with all stakeholders. In some situation communication barriers are caused by misunderstandings. Often what is being communicated is not being received because we are all different. Some of the key aspects in overcoming and maintaining open communication with leaders and stakeholders. Willingness to talk and share information, and effectively presenting your point of views. Active listening. Some keys to consider- Address one issue at a time. Use a positive neutral tone of voice. Body language. Focus on the issue at hand, not the person. By showing an interest in the other persons views and feelings Understanding. Check that the message was received to verify its accuracy, and to confirm the speaker understood the message. Simply prevent miscommunication. Take account and make allowances for diversity. eg. a persons culture or beliefs Effective communication must exist between leaders/managers. Between workers and their managers. And the

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