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THE PROCESS OF “INCORPORATION” IN THE DEFENCE SERVICES (FOR NON-OFFICERS & OFFICERS) LESSONS FOR THE CORPORATE “WHEN AN EMPLOYEE SUCCEEDS, THE ORGANIZATION SUCCEEDS. A THOROUGH WELL-PLANNED INDUCTION IS A FIRST STEP ON THAT ROAD TO SUCCESS.” Introduction 1. Induction or incorporation is a process wherein a new employee is guided by the organisation through a series of learning steps to help him/her integrate effectively so as to perform optimally as part of the larger team. The term induction and incorporation would be used interchangeably throughout this paper. 2. A well planned induction helps the employee to integrate into the organisation, maximising morale through early success and quickly raising the levels of performance. It is obvious that recruitment would not be complete until the individual has adopted the values of the organisation and is effective in the job. 3. Induction can start during the recruitment process and should certainly cover the period between acceptance and the employee becoming effective in the new role as it is important for both external and internal recruits. It is abundantly clear that both have things they need to know if they are to contribute effectively to the organisation. 4. A successful recruitment stemming from a time tested and reliable process does not necessarily translate into a motivated and charged up individual as the entire process can be undermined by poor induction. It must be very clear that the cost of induction is hugely insignificant compared to the cost of recruiting and training a replacement. 5. Questions that the group will attempt to answer in the project. (a) What is the incorporation / induction process followed in the defence services? (b) What makes the induction process in the armed forces effective so as to motivate a soldier to face any adversity?


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