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BSBMGT515A: Manage Operational Plan ASSESSMENT PART C – Written Q – Monitoring and Reviewing your operational plan AUTHOR: GIANNIS PAGKALINIS DATE OF SUBMISSION: Due week 7 (09. 09. 2014) NAME OF ORGANISATION: TAFE NSW Hunter Institute TO: PATRICIA DAVIES Q1. What performance management systems/checks will you put in place to ensure profitability and productivity progress is monitored within your operational plan developed in Activity 1 Performance management is fundamental to the effectiveness of Coffeeville, dependent as it is on their people for the goods and services that they provide. Three performance review systems that can be used to assess operational-level progress against profit, productivity and…show more content…
• Posting information on a notice board or in the lunchroom • Chatting to individuals about their work, how it’s going and asking for their input on certain issues, as well as sharing broader information on progress and goals on a one-on-one basis. Comparative Performance Monitoring Another way to monitor how well Coffeeville is tracking against goals is to compare performance indicator results. For example, comparing last quarter’s KPI results against the current quarter’s results. Those with responsibility for managing people can make or break their Coffeeville’s performance management systems. Their active cooperation in engaging in both informal and formal performance management is vital. A combination of persuasion (making the case for the importance of performance management as part of their duties, and providing some form of reward for doing so), and discipline or supervision is likely to be necessary to ensure…show more content…
Employees need social interaction and a rewarding work environment. They need respect and recognition from you, and a challenging position with room to learn and move up. * Managers often overlook how important a positive work environment is for staff, and how far meaningful recognition and praise from managers can go to achieve that. Awards, recognition and praise might just be the single most cost-effective way to maintain a happy, productive work force. Finally * Outline challenging, clear career paths. Employees want to know where they could be headed and how they can get there. Annual reviews or midyear check-ins are one obvious venue for these discussion, but you should also encourage workers to come to you with career questions and wishes throughout the year. Q3. Why is mentoring and coaching of employees important in operational planning? First of all a coach and a mentor can help an employee adjust to the culture in an organisation. The coach can provide the new worker with information on the corporate culture, organisational structure and procedures that will help the younger professional settle into his role in the business. Companies can assign a mentor or coach to new employees during the adjustment period to help them get up to speed on company’s procedures and policies. Mentoring also provides the worker with a leader he can turn to with

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