Positive Influence Plan

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Positive Influence Plan LDR 531 Positive Influence Plan Employee satisfaction and motivation are universal topics in any industry. Individual personalities, values, and overall attitudes affect work performance and satisfaction. It is crucial to develop an effective plan to assess and develop an employee satisfaction program. Evidence supports this approach to employee development. A Global Perspective Employee satisfaction affects various aspects in the marketplace including turnover, absenteeism, and performance (Bockerman & Ilmakunnas, 2012). The European Union argues that it can have a positive impact on a company’s overall performance. The implication is that improving employee satisfaction will be beneficial for both the employee and the employer (Bockerman & Ilmakunnas, 2012). Bockerman & Ilmakunnas (2012) studied Finnish manufacturing plants over a five year period and found that, depending on the method used, a one point increase in satisfaction can increase productivity by 3.9% to as much as 20%. These findings are consistent with the ideas that job satisfaction affects productivity. Another study looked at the causes of motivational problems related to job duty in four and five-star hotels in Turkey (Yurtseven & Halici, 2012). They found that satisfaction in five-star hotels was higher because professional management techniques involving employee motivation are implemented and seen as important (Yurtseven & Halici, 2012). They also found a relationship between the employees’ age and satisfaction with their job. Younger workers expect better working conditions and quick promotions where the older employees have adapted as the job duties increase. The younger employees tend to have lower satisfaction when starting a new position. However, overall satisfaction in this study was low due to a lack of concern to address

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