Joe's Crab Shack Ethnography

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“The Joe’s Experience”: Examining The Co-Creation of Culture within JCS Tifphany Cantey Chelsea Lahey Towson University: COMM 419-003 Fall 2012 Abstract This essay examines the processes associated with the co-creation of culture within a customer-service oriented organization. As with any customer-service oriented organization, there is a unique sense of pride that takes place within the organization, both internally and externally. This pride is what drives every participant in the organization to deliver. Hence, organizational culture has become a huge part of almost all companies that exist today. Not only does culture help improve an organization's productivity, effectiveness and efficiency but it allows it to be set apart from its competition. Both the workers of the company and the customers play a significant role in the representation of the organization and the fulfillment attained when culture is properly perpetuated and reproduced. This study henceforth explores exactly how participants of an organization help with the co-creation of a previously established culture within an organization. It will further examine how experiences and socialization also play a huge factor during the process of cultural co-creation. Concrete analysis was done through the use of ethnographic interviews, keen observations, and the obtaining of corporate documents. This essay will conclude with future suggestions for the betterment and preservation of organizational culture and its co-creation processes. KEY WORDS: Organizational culture, cultural co-creation, customer-service oriented “Management and executives are interested in organizational culture...because they believe their organizations culture is unique and can be an effective tool in attracting employees or distinguishing [them] from competitors (Keyton, 2005).” From the drafting of a business plan,

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