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Performance Management Framework Romonda M Harrison HRM/531 March 24, 2014 Performance Management Framework Introduction Creating a performance management framework ensures that Clapton Commercial Construction will achieve its business venture goals. A critical tool for a company is its performance management. It gives the employees an opportunity to succeed and for the organization to prosper. Outlined are recommendations that we here at Atwood and Allen consulting feel should be utilized to maximize the potential this company has. Performance Management For any business to be successful it is imperative that they implement a performance management framework. This structure must be effective for the company to meet its goals and ensure that internal decisions are made based on the work performance of its employees. The performance management framework aligns with the business strategy because the structure is created based on the goals and vision of the business. Recommendations Clapton Commercial Constructions desire is to deliver quality top notch construction and customer service. A clear vision and realistic goals are needed to target areas of improvement. An effective performance management framework ensures consistency in reviews and brings the business success they are anticipating. It is recommended that Clapton Commercial promote growth by making sure that all employees are properly trained and feedback be analyzed from the employees and customers. The job analysis is an in-depth study of the position. It provides information for job descriptions (Job Analysis-Human Resources Management for Employers, 2011). We recommend that the employees be involved by completing a job analysis form, this is a way of collecting information about the work. Interview the employees by asking them specific questions about their job duties and make a
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