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Position Paper- Living Together Before Marriage

  • Submitted by: santina186
  • on October 3, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Step One: Living together before marriage.

Step Two: Living together before marriage undermines the quality of the relationship.

Step Three: What are the strengths and limits of living together?

Step Four:
Common places: grow together, way to declare commitment, financially sound, companion, expected to get married, social norms for area you live in, ways to declare commitment, save money, could be seen as next step in relationship, could be seen as an exploration of compatibility with each other
Step Five: For living with each other
In a committed relationship, living together can help a couple learn if they are truly compatible.   It can be that time when they learn about each other in times other than their dates.   How people react to everyday stress is a major factor in whether or not they get along.   And you cannot fully learn that in the dating experience.   When living together you are able to gain valuable insights to how that person reacts to certain situations.   You are also able to learn what a person’s real attitudes and values are like.
Living together can inform you more fully of how your future mate responds in all situations, as you see them all day and night.   Living with someone exposes things about people that they might try to hide while dating.   It could help you truly uncover who that person is.
Having a joint household also lets one see if they would be able to live with the person for a prolonged period of time.
Cohabiting could also cut down on the cost of living in a certain area.   It might be cheaper to live with your partner than having separate households.   It cuts down on gas because you wouldn’t need to drive across town and it also cuts down on other expenditures.
If two people intend to marry, then living together can be instructive and helpful in determining whether it will work.   The tendency to care for and respect each other is greater.

Step Six: Against living with each other

In relationships...

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