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Plant Growth Investigation The scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments. The question I was attempting to answer was; what are the effects of different types of water on the growth of grass? My hypothesis was if we water the grass seeds with bottled, tap, and salt water, then the seeds getting the bottled water will grow the best and be the tallest at the end of the experiment because the bottled water doesn’t have the toxins that the salt and tap water will have. We needed a lot of materials to conduct our experiment they were; • 6 Seven ounce cups • Soil • Seeds (20 per cup) • The 3 types of water (Salt, Bottled, Tap) • Graduated Cylinder • Ruler • Pencils • Sharpie • Our chart/packet Our procedure was to first gather all of the materials we needed. We first labeled each cup with what type of water we were going to use. We put an equal amount of soil into each cup. Our next step was to put exactly 20 seeds into each cup approximately ¼ inch deep. After that we poured 20ml of each type of water into its designated cup. After the grass started to sprout we measured its growth in centimeters and then gave each cup its 20ml of water. The independent variable in our experiment was the type of water we used. The dependent variable was the growth of the grass. In our experiment we had many constants a few of them would be that we used the same type of soil in each cup. We also used the same amount and same type of seed in each cup. We gave each cup 20ml of water. Each cup that we used was the same size also the cups were all in the same environment. The results of our investigation showed that the type of water that you use to water grass does affect its growth. The two cups we watered with tap water reached a max height of 28 and 29 centimeters. The two cups we watered with the bottled

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