Separating Mixtures Lab Report

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Lab: Separating Mixtures Problem: Can we make a mixture? Hypothesis: IF we can physically separate the parts and the parts keep their own properties, Then we have made a mixture. Procedure: 1. Fold filter paper in fourths. 2. Put filter paper into funnel. (icee cone shape) 3. Add a little water to make the filter paper stick to the sides of the funnel. 4. Put funnel into 250 mL beaker. 5. Dry 100 mL beaker and spoon. 6. Add 1 scant teaspoon sand to 100 mL beaker. 7. Add 1 scant teaspoon salt to 100 mL beaker. 8. Add 1 teaspoon wood shavings (sawdust) to 100 mL beaker. 9. Add ½ teaspoon iron filings to 100 mL beaker. 10. One lab partner should stir. 11. The other lab…show more content…
Leave the magnet in the plastic bag. 13. Use the magnet and stir for one minute. 14. Tap the magnet gently on the side of the beaker to dislodge the wood shavings. 15. Complete the Magnetic column in the data sheet. 16. Put a few iron filings back into the 100 mL beaker. 17. One lab partner should take the magnet to the back table and put the iron filings into the blue tray. 18. The other lab partner should add the 20 mL water to the 100 mL beaker and stir for one minute. 19. Measure another 20 mL water using the graduated cylinder. 20. Add another 20 mL water to the 100 mL beaker and stir for one minute. (40 mL total water in beaker) 21. Make observations. 22. Fill out Dissolve Column and Floats Column on Data Sheet. 23. Use the spoon and scoop out most of the sawdust and place on the papertowel. Leave a few pieces. 24. One lab partner should put the sawdust in the blue tray on the back table. 25. Stir the contents of the 100 mL beaker and then pour into the filter paper in the funnel. 26. Measure another 20 mL water and pour into 100 mL beaker. 27. Swirl the beaker and pour into funnel. 28. One lab partner should rinse out the 100 mL beaker in the
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