Scientific Method Paper on the Affects of Rock Salt on Grass

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Might Grass Growth Be Inhibited By Salt Clifton P. Biology Dr. MW August 7, 2015 Might Grass Growth Be Inhibited by Salt Introduction Living in the northern United States, dealing with snow-covered driveways is a normalcy, yet a pain to deal with. One way most people deal with snow and ice is to use salt. “Rock Salt is commonly used as a deicing agent, helping to prevent winter accidents on roads, driveways and sidewalks” (Harris, R. (n.d.). What Are the Effects of Rock Salt on Lawn Grass?). Using salt on roadways and driveways has become the norm, but as some people have discovered, using salt to clear driveways seems to be affecting the grass that grows next to it come spring time. Hypothesis If I put rock salt on a patch of new grass, then the grass will not grow normally. Controlled Experimental Method The constant variables in this experiment are; * The amount of water given to the grass (5cc) * The amount of soil in each cell (1ft by 1ft by 6in) * The type of soil * The amount of light given (13 hours) * The temperature the grass were grown at (70 F) * The depth of the grass seed (1cm) Step 1. Planting grass seeds A. Fill all of the cells in both trays ½ full with soil. B. Add 15cc of water to each cell using the syringe. C. Place 3 grass seeds evenly spaced into each cell. D. Cover the grass seeds with a layer of potting soil. E. Add another 15cc of water. F. Place a plastic, clear dome over each of the planting trays. G. Set timer for the light to turn on for 13 hours every day. Step 2. Label Groups A. Divide up the cells so you have 3 groups of 24 cells in each tray (6 groups) B. Label the first group “no salt”. C. Label the second group “2.25 grams of salt”. D. Label the third group “4.5 grams of salt”.

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