Spectroscopy Lab Report

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Part A: Spectroscopy 1. 0.05g of Iron(III) Nitrate in a 50-ml beaker. Add 17 mL of distilled water to the beaker and mix with a stir rod until the solid is completely dissolved. 2. Obtain another 50-mL beaker and add 0.05g of Chromium(III) Nitrate to the beaker. Then, add 17 mL of distilled water and mix until the solid is dissolved. 3. Obtain a final 50-mL beaker and add 0.05 grams of the unknown substance to the beaker. Add 17 mL of distilled water and mix with a stir bar until the solid is completely dissolved. Record the unknown number of the solid in the lab report. 4. Go to your MeasureNet station and turn it on by pressing ON/OFF. 5. Once the station has been activated, press the MAIN MENU button followed by the F5 for a Spectroscopy, and finally F2 for Absorbance. Next, press the SETUP button to establish parameters for the…show more content…
Obtain a clean-dry test tube. Place 0.3g of the unknown substance in the test tube. Next, add 10mL of distilled water to the test tube. Mix with a stirring rod until unknown is dissolved. 2. Add 0.6g of zinc into the beaker. Mix the zinc with a stir rod. 3. Then, wait at least ten minutes for the zinc to settle. If after ten minutes the solution is not clear remove the solution with a dropper being careful not to get any of the zinc. Obtain filter paper and funnel. Transfer the solution from the dropper drop wise into a new test tube through the filter paper. For every 20 drops of solution you will add 0.1g of zinc to the new test tube. Repeat steps 3 and four until the solution is clear. If there ever exists too little of the solution to get enough drops, add up to 1mL of distilled water to the solution. 4. Once the solution is clear, retrieve at least ten drops of the solution and place them in a new test tube. 5. Add the same number of drops of NaOH to the solution in the new test tube. 6. If a precipitate forms, record your results including a chemical

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