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Andrew Rankin Period 2 Mr. Rodriguez Advance Chemistry 21 April 2009 Alum Lab Procedure (Synthesis) 1) Clean all equipment to be used 2) From the big roll of aluminum foil obtain 1 gram of it 3) Break the large piece of the foil into smaller pieces and place them into a 250mL beaker. 4) With a 50mL graduated cylinder VERY SLOWLY add 25mL of 3M KOH. Be careful gases are emitted so try to do this in a hood but be sure to stir with stirring rod to make the process go faster and scrap all pieces of aluminum into the solution. 5) Let the reaction go until all pieces have dissolved no aluminum foil should be left!! 6) While waiting set up a vacuum filtration. Using a clean funnel and piece of filter paper attached to a filter flask. Using a rubber hose as well attach to a high power sink and other end to the nozzle of the funnel of flask. 7) Once all aluminum has dissolved, vacuum filter the solution. By ways of decanting (using a class stirring rod to guide solution), pour the solution into the funnel until it is about half an inch from the top. The solution should be clear and colorless 8) Allow the flask to cool. While the flask and solution are cooling, wash the funnel and beaker with LOTS of tap water to remove all traces of KOH. Also throw away any carbon on the filter paper. 9) Once the solution is cool enough to touch, add 35mL of 3M H2SO4 (measured out in 50mL graduated cylinder) SLOWLY AND STIR CONSTANLY. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SWIRL THE FLASK AS YOU ADD THE ACID. Due to adding the acid the solution will be warm. If any white flecks remain from adding the H2SO4, place all the solution in a 250mL beaker and on a ring stand/burner apparatus and warm the solution until ALL of the flecks and solids are dissolved. Always heat until clear (no white flecks should be left.) 10) Make an ice bath while waiting for flecks to dissolve by adding ice and

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