Physical Factors Are More Important Than Human Factors Affecting a Rovers Discharge

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Physical factors are more important than human factors in affecting rivers discharge. Discuss this view A rivers discharge is the volume of water passing in a river. There are two types of factors that affect a rivers discharge, human and physical factors. Human factors are things that are man made that can affect something-in this case the rivers discharge, an example of this could be infrastructure. Physical factors are natural things such as mountains and rock type that also affect how some things work, again in this case the rivers discharge. Some would argue that physical factors are more important than human factors when affecting a rivers discharge. An example of a physical factor that affects a rivers discharge is the rock type surrounding the river. If a river has impermeable rock type surround it, water will not be able to percolate, this will mean that the water will run as surface run-off and as this is the fastest way of travelling, the water will reach the river quicker, increasing the rivers discharge. However, if the rocks surrounding the river is permeable then the water will be able to percolate and it will travel slower, as groundwater-flow to the river, which will reduce the rivers discharge. Similarly to type of rock, the steepness of the mountain surrounding will also affect a rivers discharge because if the mountain is very steep the water will not have time to infiltrate down and consequently will travel as surface run off, decreasing lag time and increasing discharge. However, if the temperatures are high but not dry, then evapotranspiration will increase from plants and other vegetation, this therefore will reduce the discharge of a river as less water will be reaching the river. Likewise, an example of a human factor that can be changed to decrease discharge and stop flooding is the use of the land surrounding the river. If the
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