Chemistry Experiment 2

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Garraud Sobner General Chemistry, Experiment II 02/11/2012 Questions: 1- In, part I which volume determination was more accurate? Explain. A- 2nd method with the graduated cylinder is more accurate. But not only because we found it more difficult to read the ruler. It was also because we had to take two measurements (one for diameter another for height)...which could possibly create more mistakes. Furthermore, you need to multiply diameter and height to get to the volume, so any one of those reading had a mistake, the error would compound and get worse. The same is not true with measuring with graduated cylinder, which is just a one shot reading. If that reading is off a bit, it won't impact the density as much 2- Did you find that density was intensive or extensive? Explain A- It was intensive. Because the mass did not change, even more volume was added. 3- Water has a density of 1.00g/ml while ice has a density of 0.91g/ml. will a 750-ml bottle that contains 700.0ml of water burst when place in a freezer? Prove your answer. A- When you take 700ml x1g/mlx1ml/.91g it is equal to 769ml. 769ml is greater than 750ml was maximum capacity of the bottle. When the water turn to ice its expended 19ml more what the bottle can take. For that it will burst. 4- What is the volume, in cubic inches, of a gold nugget that has a mass of 82.00 ounces? Density of Au=19.3g/cm3; 453.6g=1pound; 16 ounces=1 pound; 16.4cm3=in3 A- 82 ounces is one gold nugget. (82/16) x453.6 =2324.7grams; (2324.7g/19.3)/16.4= 7.3cubic inches 5- A- D=m/V ;

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