Push Factors Are More Important Than Pull Factors Essay

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Push factors are more important than Pull factors Upon reading the statement it is possible to suggest that many migrants have different reasons of moving to another countries. These occasions can be classified into «Push» and «Pull» factors. Push and Pull factors influence on migrant’s decision whether to leave country because of some reasons, which push people away from their countries or to find a better life. However, I fully agree with given claim that Push Factors are more considerable than Pull Factors for people to migrate. There may occur various circumstances, such as war, lack of safety, natural disasters, which compel migrants to leave their hometown and settle in other country. People endeavour to get to another location even it is not legally. They try to cross the border whatever happens by choosing different ways of illegal immigration that are not according to the laws. These migrants are desperate people who reckon that taking a chance is more beneficial than staying in dangerous place. The first thing that needs to be said is that people do not feel conveniently if they are in hazard area. There are many countries that suffer from the natural disasters such as flood, drought, earthquake, hurricanes and so on. As far as we know, natural disasters lead to different consequences. The most meaningful impacts of natural disasters are lack of food, destruction of habitats, extinction of animal species, and loss of people. That is why people flee their home-countries to seek a shelter from danger threatens them. For instance, Kiribati Island that is situated in Pacific Ocean often suffers from the natural disasters. The most recent disaster to impact Kiribati was a flood in late 2008, which affected 85 people. In 1999, a drought affected 84,000people. Kiribati has a lack of natural resources because of the earthquakes
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