Phones in School

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Should the use of phones be allowed in school? This is a controversial topic throughout many schools. Some schools already have it allowed, while others are yet undecided on their decision. Some say it’s a distraction, some say it is very helpful. I It could be very useful in some situations if needed. I think they should be allowed in schools just as long as students don’t abuse the power. One should not ruin it for everyone else, don’t abuse the privilege. I have the privilege to use my cell phone at Vanguard and Terra, unless we are taking an exam or test. I use my cell phone throughout class, and honestly, it doesn’t interfere with whatever I’m doing at the time. I comprehend just as well as without using a cell phone during our lessons. Our teachers let us use our phone for personal use, school use, to help on homework, free time at the end of class, etc. Having cell phones during class can also taught me some responsibility. I have gotten good grades on all of my notes, lab papers, etc., so you can see that my cell phone is not a distraction to me. Classes usually have some downtime at the end of class after completing the lesson and homework. What is he/she supposed to do with that time? The student could be able to be using their phone with the extra minutes left, instead of sitting there in complete silence. Also, classmates could send a text to an absent student about the missed homework and lesson. Some students have games on their cell phones that they could play in the meantime. You could even listen to some music through headphones, which students find relaxing at times. If teachers don’t want their class to be roaming around and being loud in the room during extra time, then this could be a great solution! Have you ever been so stumped on homework during class, so stumped that you would never guess the answer? Maybe you forgot a
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