I Think Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School

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Cell Phones in School By Jack Wallace There is a lot of controversy with school administrations whether cell phones should be allowed in schools by students. Cell phones are not just for calling and texting, but mini-computers with access to information and technology to write documents, reports and even print. Cell phones also provide calculators and calendars (calendars help to keep track of projects, assignments and other school related functions). There are a lot of pros and cons to this debate of cell phones in school, I personally feel that cell phones should be allowed in school as part of a learning resource. Some of the pros that will be discussed are research, safety, during and after school use. With a cell in class students would be able to study more because, research and read more about their topic with information online and in the form of eBooks. In terms of Lake Lure Classical academy, students are not issued individual computers but only a school set which has to be shared other classrooms. If students could use their cell phones this would save the school money for equipment because, parents are paying for the phones not the school. If there a gunmen, bomb threat or a fire happened students could contact help, call parents, take a picture of the suspect/suspects and warn others. If the students could contact help the police or any emergency service could get to the students quicker. Taking the picture of the suspect/suspects could give the police a person or persons to look for. They could warn others in the school or in other buildings by texting someone. They could also call parents then the parents could call the police. Cell Phones in School Page 2 – Jack Wallace They could do more group work away from school when their sick or on vacation. If the student/students were sick they

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