I Am Bored

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I Am Bored “There is nothing to do; I am bored,” is a quote often said by many of the youth in America. Boredom is a common feeling for many people who lack interest in something they do not like or want to do. Students in high school are very likely to state that they are bored while present in school. The reasons for many students who are bored can be doing assignments that are uninteresting to them and having lectures or being taught lessons that also lack interest to them. Almost everyday, the majority of high school students are assigned with assignments that they most likely do not want to finish.Students are assigned with homework. Homework is not always interesting to everyone and can require a lot of time which can make students procrastinate to finish it. Another task students may receive is a reading assignment. Not all students dislike reading, but for others it can be difficult to read a book that they have no interest in. Having no interest in a book and trying to comprehend what is being read can be difficult while being bored because a student’s thoughts might trail off. One last activity students may have to participate in is watching a video during class. Many students are lacking sleep from the times that they actually go to sleep at night, and they often would rather sleep during class, if they had the choice. With a video that students may find uninteresting, and with the need to sleep,they would probably rather sleep than watch the video which causes boredom. Boredom can be felt in many ways. Lectures during school can have a huge impact on students who are bored. Many times during a lecture, a student does not want to hear what is being said. A lecture may have certain sayings that are repeated which may frustrate people if they do not want to hear anything in the first place, and being frustrated from a lecture may cause a person to not

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