Persuasive Essay On Inclusive Education

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Given the high degree of discussion regarding inclusion that has taken place among educational activism groups and in the mass/social media, it can be deduced that many, if not most, parents of children with severe disabilities are aware of the inclusive educational options. The increase in awareness may seem more appropriate for the West but in Pakistan we are still beginning to explore this option. Some of the schools who are even practicing it may not take pride in it or advocate about it, rather they will be more than willing to stay hideous. A lot of schools that I have visited in the past were very hesitant to even admit of having such a child in their premises, Others were not aware if any such kid was admitted and then there were those who would thankfully refuse me but saying, Alhamdulillah we don’t have children with behavioral issues in our schools. While inclusive educational setting is becoming very common, recent data suggests that children with special needs continue to be served in a traditional classroom setting with minimum improvisation in to the standard educational program. In fact, it seems an irony that inclusive education was highly promoted for children with severe disabilities, yet increase in inclusive placements has taken place mostly for children with mild…show more content…
They fear that their children might not receive the individual attention and support. They have fears of mistreatment and possible rejection at the hands of fellow peers of their kids. This was the reason that I included parental attitudes towards inclusive education as one of the variables in my thesis; I wanted to find out what were the concerns, opinions and suggestions of parents for an inclusive setup of education, as it is widely recognized that parental support and involvement is essential for successful educational

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