Persuasive Essay: Gun Control And Advertisements

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Gun Control and Advertisements Gun control is and always will be a very important and touchy subject in this country. Historically the conservative politicians have supported the 2nd amendment and the more liberal politicians have supported gun control. There has to be some control over what kinds of weapons a person can own, the dispute is over how strict or how relaxed those stipulations should be. In this article in about New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, it explains what he and a few other mayors in the U.S. are trying to do to make those gun laws stricter. But right in the middle of the article is an ad for, which is a website for people to learn how to do a certain martial arts technique. So…show more content…
First it had an ad for a web site that sells fashion, home, and beauty things. It had an ad that said “A 9mm is False Protection”, this was for a web site that was trying to promote a new system of some kind of martial arts. And finally I had an ad that was actually for CNN that said “What Would Happen If Everyone Cared?”, and it had a picture of a little black child, that looked like one of the help Haiti ads. This ad was definitely the appeal of pathos with that picture and text. Using these advertisements CNN was trying to make you think that they care about decreasing violence with their own ad, and with this article, but they also had an ad for martial arts which I could see as being in support of gun control but it still is kind of promoting violence. You do not see too many people who are very in to martial arts and things like that but do not support the second amendment. I also think that CNN was trying to relate to people who have the same beliefs as much of CNN does with these advertisements because with the exception of the fashion, home, and beauty ad they were all appealing to a traditionally liberal
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