Perspective on Health Care

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Perspective on Health Care HCS 212 February 13, 201 Perspective on Health Care When asked what interests me about the history of health care I would answer with the statement: possessing the knowledge of personal health information to make informed choices about my health and the health of those close to me. Staying informed on health topics and health challenges make me a better woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and one day soon a health care service worker. Having information on health care will enhance my level of communication when I enter the field, but also make me better able to interact with my doctor and other health care professionals on my health. Often my interest in health care is driven by staying current on health issues to maintain the quality of my life or to learn about conditions to help those around me. Having lost a close friend way to young, I am determined to live a healthy, full, and meaningful life. People who seek medical attention aren’t only looking for information on health but medical attention and advice. Patients need information and guidance to properly fill out forms. They need to know what steps to follow for them to be seen. Patients are obligated to pay for the services they receive in health care facilities. Some patients pay these costs themselves, whereas others have medical insurance to cover expenses. During my friends’ illness, at times she could not handle filling out forms and the financial preparation for her care. An administrative staff member at the facility she received the most of her care from provided so much needed basic information with forms, insurance and options available that the medical billing process was handled with ease. She not only lifted a burden of the process but also provided her a perspective for figuring out what she needed to do to continue to get care. From witnessing this job
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