Health Promotion in Nursing

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Health Promotion in Nursing Practice Kimberly Smith Grand Canyon University NRS-429V June 22, 2014 The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health promotion as, “the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health.” (WHO, 2014) Health is not just the absence of any signs and symptoms of disease, it is considered to be maintenance of a total state of wellness at a physical, mental and social level. Health promotion and prevention enables patients to make healthy decisions and lifestyle changes through education and awareness. Improving health and the quality of life, is the primary goal of health promotion and prevention. There are three levels involved in the health promotion and prevention process of care. They are primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care. Education plays a vital role in all three levels. The first or primary level of health promotion and prevention is to promote optimal health. By promoting optimal health we can prevent diseases or illness from occurring. The primary focus on this level of care is to help ward off diseases through a healthier life. Patients can achieve this level of health through knowledge and understanding from education. Nurses can assist in the promotion of primary care by educating patients regarding the importance and benefits of vaccinations and avoiding risky behaviors that may lead to diseases, such as, smoking and unprotected sex. Nurses at the primary level may also educate patients regarding healthy eating and routine exercises to decrease risk factors. The secondary level of health promotion involves early diagnosis and rapid intervention to decrease the progress of any disease process. The primary goal of health promotion at the secondary level is to prevent any disability and maintain optimal health through health screening and early
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