Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

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ay RESEARCH SUMMARY AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Ancy Mathew Grand Canyon University: NRS 433V Introduction to Nursing Research 7/27/12 Research Summary and Ethical Considerations It is important for nurses to have a special relationship with a patient’s family. The relationship between a nurse and loved ones of a patient is considered complex to understand at times. The complexity of the relationship does depend on how long the patient is in care for, for example maybe it might be for a few hours or maybe for long period of time in an intensive care department, etc. In order to understand the study I chose for this paper it is important that we discuss what the Family Center Care is. The Family Center Care (FCC) is an advance to the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care that is founded in the similarities of partnerships among health care providers, patients, and families. The FCC enables health care practitioners the importance of creating relationships with family members of the patients whether the patient are little children or adults. They recognize that social, emotional and developmental support systems are important aspects to look for in health care. The Family Center Care promotes better outcomes of patient care because families are there to restore self-esteem and control them in a well manner. It leads to better outcomes and it creates better patient and family satisfaction. The FCC’s basic concepts are based on respect and dignity where health care providers listen to what the patient and the patient’s family’s perspectives and opinions are. Patient and family knowledge, values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds are very important to consider incorporating into the planning and delivery of health care. Patients and families are encouraged to decision making depending
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