Collaboration In Healthcare

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Collaboration is a process by which members of different disciplines share their skills and expertise to provide a better quality service to patients, clients and service user’s (Hughes, Hemingway and Smith, 2005). On first glance, it appears that collaborative working can be a very difficult and complex way of working and it is clear that service providers from different professions must have the skills to work in a mutual way (Hornby, 1993). This could suggest that when dealing with difficult and complex biopsychological cases, the closer the collaboration is the more effective the team is, in containing the anxiety and being constructive (Howard and Cox, 2008). A good example of professionals that work collaboratively together making…show more content…
Without collaboration the affects of care giving to a patient won’t be as efficient. As Barrett and keeping (2005) state, “Inter-professional working involves complex interactions between two or more members of different professional groups.” Different professionals working alongside each other can be beneficial in many ways. When professionals improve their skills and knowledge this can enhance the care given to vulnerable service users. According to Hutchings et al (2003), the benefits of working together can produce a better quality outcome for the service user; working collaboratively can produce a better quality outcome for the individual’s recipient of a service, treatment or therapy. They also go on to state that at the heart of healthcare collaboration, is a regard for the wellbeing of the individual, and concern that a service should reflect personal related needs and individual lifestyles. To be able to work collaboratively as a health care team, good communication skills and good working relationships with colleagues, services and agencies are a must in order to make client-centred care a reality (Hornby, 1993). Brewer and Miller (1996), support this by suggesting working collaboratively improves communication and breaks down stereotype’s which is important in a mental health
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