Police Traits Essay

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Personality Traits of a Police Officer Policing today is very complex. Police officers are expected to be all things to all people and to make split second decisions under varying stress conditions. Police officers must be effective at what they do. The decisions made by a police officer could potentially affect the lives of many people. Being an officer of the law takes a certain quality of person and some personality types certainly do better in positions of authority than do others. Being a police officer requires a level head and the ability to think quickly. With that in mind, there are three traits that are critical to be a successful police officer; integrity, courage, and a strong set of moral values. Perhaps the most valuable trait a police officer can possess is integrity. Integrity must be maintained at all costs. Police officers are in a position of public trust, a trust that, if broken, will create an atmosphere of hostility between the police and the public. A police…show more content…
Law enforcement officers need to uphold the law in order to enforce it, so police officers must have a strong sense of right and wrong and they must generally exhibit and encourage good behavior to the public. This sense of right and wrong and the desire to do good in the community is perhaps the most important trait a police officer needs to have. Police officers often find themselves in high-stress, volatile situations. At the other end of the spectrum, they deal with a lot of mundane, routine patrols. They deal with dishonest and dangerous people, and also victimized and abused people. It takes a strong person to deal with all those situations, day in and day out, while keeping the traits that make them a good police officer. As long as the officer has integrity, courage, and a strong set of moral values, there is no reason he will not have a successful
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