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Personal Vision Statement I have always found school to be a difficult challenge for me. Looking back on my previous life as a student it seems I simply did not have the motivation to give it my all. I just barely squeaked by in high school and tried college at the University of New Hampshire. Needless to say it did not work out. I traveled around the country seeing many sights and having lots of cool experiences. I learned a lot of intriguing facts about nature and the world by being out there and living it. I decided to look into ways I could finish school and continue on with experiential learning. I found Prescott College. I was enrolled in the Resident Degree Program for two years and decided to transfer into the Adult Degree Program. It made great sense to me for three main reasons; I wanted to work in my field of interest, I believed myself to be incredibly self-motivated, and I had a life vision of what I wanted out of higher education . After looking into the layout of the Adult Degree Program, I decided it was created for a student such as myself. During my last semester in the RDP I noticed most of my classmates were five to seven years younger than myself and did not seem to have the genuine desire to learn. It seemed more like high school. I found myself getting frustrated with the joking around in my classes and the amount of chatter. I looked over my transcript and realized I needed a lot more classes to graduate with a degree in therapeutic use of experiential education. I realized that I needed to take a few wilderness classes. These classes would be in preparation for working in the wilderness. They seemed to be great experiences, but I would still have to start at an entry level position in whatever program I attempted to work in. I thought about this and decided it did not make sense for me. I met with the dean to talk to her

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