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I have decided that my personal political belief is the independent party. I chose this party because I cannot decide between the Republican or Democratic Party. Since the first presidential debate, I have been doing research on the two presidential candidates and their party. After reading about what the Republican and Democratic parties stand for, I decided I would be a part of the independent party because I could not decide on either one. I also came to this decision after carefully going over the issues that are currently being debated by the current candidates, Obama and Romney. At first, I thought it would be easy to decide whether or not I am a Republican or Democrat, but soon realized it was not so easy. I realized that there were some issues that I agreed with on the Democratic side, but then again, there were some issues that I…show more content…
The person should be allowed to make their own decision based on their circumstances. Also, I believe there should be welfare reform because the welfare ( people who get money from the government ) system is being abused since there are too many people who are quite capable of working who are on the system. On the issue of gun control, I think there should be stricter gun control and not just anyone should be allowed to carry a gun. On the issue of tax cuts, I believe that the new president should give the American citizens and businesses a tax cut. On the issue of the death penalty, I believe that the criminals who have purposely killed people for no reason should be given the death penalty because if they go out on parole they would more than likely kill again. Another issue that is of concern is education for illegal immigrants, I believe that illegal immigrants should be sent back home, not be educated here because that is using up the American citizens tax

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