A Life for a Life Is Wrong!

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The death penalty is a very controversial topic. Over the previous years, the death penalty has been the subject of discussion in the courts. It is currently being debated whether or not the death penalty should continue to be in use or if it should be stopped. Many may argue that the death penalty puts a value on human life. However, I believe that the death penalty is inhumane and should not be used anymore. It has been said that the death penalty serves as justice for a murder victim and their family, however, the death penalty itself is a form of murder. When is it okay to take a life? Is it only okay for the justice system to take a life for the justice of another life? Supporters of the death penalty argue that it is the only just punishment for a murderer. I believe that the death penalty should be ended because one’s life is not more precious than another, the process is inhumane, and it is expensive. One of the reasons the death penalty should be stopped is because it puts the value of one’s life over another. Others may claim that the death penalty is a way to punish murderers. Although murder is a horrific crime to commit, is death really the only just punishment? No, death is only the punishment the world has chosen for murderers. What is the difference between a murderer taking a life and a state taking a life? There is no difference because in a sense, they are both murderers. Capital punishment supports the death of one individual, the murderer, over the death of another, the victim. Why is the victim’s life more precious than the murderers? Yes I do understand that the murderer took someone’s life but does that make it okay for the state to take the murderers life? Supporters of the death penalty need to realize that taking a life for the justice of another life in unjust and should not be tolerated. The death penalty is an ineffective way to
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