The Romney Debate

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The debate on October 3, 2012, President Barak Obama and candidate Mitt Romney held a heated match over several main issues that dealt with economic policies. Both candidates had a subject to attack the other with but in the end Mitt Romney’s performance against Obamas was aggressive and strong. The debate seemed intense at certain points by cutting moderator Jim Lehrer off, to cutting each other off. Romney’s aggressive tone made it assertive of what he wanted to say and very believable of what he was saying. The candidates had many stats to back up each position they stated, but their main goal was to appeal to the audience and aim to tell them of the plans that would boost the growth of jobs and the economy. Mitt Romney I believe was…show more content…
I find the comment, “Obama has not debated since 2008, and Romney has more practice,” a poor excuse for our President. Understanding that Obama has not debated in awhile he still had time to practice what he was going to do, and being the President he should know the problems that we are faced with and he should have thrown every opinion he had back in Romney’s face. Obama did little to explain to Americans how things would be better in his second term or how they would be different. He let many of the things Romney said go. He never once challenged Romney. I think Obama was like a puppy dog apologizing for tearing up your favorite household object, except Obama was apologizing for his last four terms. When Romney would talk to Obama he would look down and most the time it looked as if he was texting on a cell phone. The other thing that many different people have commented about is the fact that it looks like Obama needed a teleprompter. In the end Mitt Romney was the winner by far. Romney pulled through in the end making undecided voters make a choice. I hope that the next debate Romney is able to perform as well as he did in this debate, because I believe our country needs to see a change and that if Romney is trying as much as he says he is I believe that something good could work. As for Obama, he needs to sit down and practice for the next two debates, for it would be a shame for the President of the United States to look foolish a second time on National
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