Capital Unishment. Pro Stance

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Persuasive essay Would you not do whatever it takes just to know that there is one less murderer on our planet? Give justice to the vistim’s grieving family at any cost? Many people believe that capital punishmant is unethical and should be abolished. But presently, the crime rate is rapidly increasing due to the lack of effective capital punishment. The murderers deserve to be executed like they killed their victims. “off with their heads” should literally be enforced for criminals committing capital crimes. Hence, Capital punishment, the death penalty for certain crimes such as murder or treason, should be legalized for all premeditated capital crimes because it is the ultimate deterrent for all other crimes, it provides retribution and justice to the victim’s relations and society and it enjoys widespread religious support. Fear of death deters people from committing a crime. Deterrence is an act or process of discouraging and preventing an action from occurring. When potential killers know that the cost of their murderous action can result in their own death, they are much more hesitant and more likely to reconsider their plans. Murderers are selfish and sick-minded people who have no consideration of others. Isaac Ehrlich puts it perfectly, “ if one execution of a guilty capital murderer deters the murder of one innocent life, the execution is justified.” Therefore, capital punishment should be strictly enforced and legalized.Capital punishment also provides protection to the society. Philosopher Jackues Barzun compares such criminals to wolves. He said : “the uncontrable brute whom I want put out of the way is not to be punished for his misdeeds nor used as an example or a warning, he is to be killed for the protection of others.” Some of the brutes themselves agree with this prescription. Westley Alan dodd, who was executed in 1993 asked for the
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