Authorizing Handguns To Owners

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When someone thinks of the word “handgun” their minds will automatically think of something small, concealable, and deadly. What some people do not realize is that it is not handguns that commit the crime, but the hands and actions of the criminal. Allowing handguns to remain legal will allow individuals to feel safer and secure in their homes and it also protects our constitutional right to bear arms. Banning handguns will not only increase crime, but it will create a new situation that is similar to drug trafficking. With rising crime rates, law abiding citizens should be buying handguns to protect themselves. Outlawing handguns will only cause more problems and commotion since most criminals will still be able to get a hold of it. Handguns will have a higher value put on them and it can be used as another source of illegal trade between criminals. If a criminal were going to kill someone, they won’t care about breaking the law in order to acquire a handgun. It will end up as the same problem as drug trafficking or maybe become worse and even more dangerous. Importing handguns may be a lengthy process, but the criminals will still be able to get their firearms and the law abiding citizens would be left with little to no protection. The second amendment of the US constitution states that as a citizen from the U.S., we own the right to bear arms. There are more than 20,000 laws that control citizens to buy and use firearms (LaPierre 308). Government officials keep creating laws that tend to slow down the process of owning a handgun, but it doesn’t solve the issue that crime still exists in this country. In order to commit a crime, owning a handgun isn’t truly necessary; anyone can commit it with any blunt object. The issue regarding crime will never be resolved no matter how many laws the government throws at it. Banning handguns will be almost like banning

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