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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Worksheet

This is a philosophy of nursing that reflects the beliefs and values of your name

Today’s date is October 14, 2010

I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is about caring for others in their time of greatest need. It is one of few professions in which you can go home each day and be happy for what you did. Although you may not realize it, but you have affected the patient’s life in some way. Nursing is about healing and curing the patient’s symptoms of disease or illness. In my nursing class, I learned that doctors cure the sickness and nurses cure the patient. This means that the nurse attends to the physical, mental, and psychosocial aspects in the care of patients. Some days can be demanding on the mind and body, but you can still go home and be grateful of what you have done for someone else.

I believe that the core of nursing is love and passion for others. Without this love and passion, why is one in nursing. Love and passion is what drives nursing, without it, patient outcomes are greatly affected. This love and passion can be from simply keeping a patient warm when they are cold to administering antibiotics through an IV. Love and passion could also be simply taking the time to sit with a patient who has no frequent visitors. This love and passion assures the patient that you care and will be with them throughout their time of need.

I believe that the focus of nursing is the patient. Patient’s come first and it should always be that way. As stated earlier, nurses cure the patient. Nurses spend the most time with the patients and it is the nurse’s job to notify the doctor if any changes occur throughout the hospital stay. Without nurses, doctors would be unable to successfully cure the disease process.

My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will grow

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