Nursing Self Evaluation Essay

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Self Evaluation for Hospital Nurse Job

Essential job requirements: I am able to accurately work with the computer systems, staying current with all system updates and changes. I follow through on the role of the registered nurse, as expected of me, and provide a leadership role to the patient care techs. I stay current with my RN license and CEU credits. Customer service: I interact with patients in a professional manner to help create confidence and trust. I am a good listener and work hard to build rapport with patients, physicians, and my co-workers. I am very conscientious about patient teaching and ensuring that questions are answered. I explain to the patient and family what I am going to do, before I provide care, to help alleviate any anxiety or questions about the care I will be providing. Process improvement and commitment to quality: I routinely and consistently resolve quality issues using the standard processes and do so in a timely manner. I use printed guidelines
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I rarely call in sick. I am conscientious about supplies that are used, being careful not to contaminate or use more supplies than necessary. When patients are admitted to our unit, I start discharge planning and instructions as soon as possible in order to make the discharge from the unit as expedient as possible. Professional development: I am able to improve my personal performance at work by attending continuing education courses, attending hospital training classes and inservices, and maintaining nurse licensure that is always in good standing. I read professional nursing journals and visit nurse websites in my free time to keep up to date on new trends, treatments, and medications. If I am unfamiliar with a medication or a medical condition, I make a point to look up the med, or speak with the pharmacist or physician about
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