Personal Narrative: My Time In The United States Marine Corp

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I am a former Marine! I am here to tell you a little about my experiences during my time in the United States Marine Corp. I am going to cover my travels to several different countries, and what I learned from what I have been through. Everything I am going to talk about has lead up to who I am today. This story begins August 14th 2005, the day I started boot camp. When I was in boot camp I did not know what to expect, but I knew it was going to be hard. Another recruit said to me once “I can’t do this, I can’t complete this”. He also told me that he was a cop before he signed up for the Marines. I told him “If I can do this he could do it”. A few days later he tried to run away, and got caught in the swamp. While I was in boot camp I had ear infections in both ears, and I had bronchitis pneumonia. After overcoming this I finished boot camp on November 11, 2005. After boot camp I went to MCT and MOS school. MCT was Marine combat training and that was a few months after boot camp. Then I went to MOS school to learn how to drive Military vehicles. These two schools did not last long but was important in my training. While I was in MOS school one of the instructors came into the classroom, and told us “You are all going…show more content…
I held my head high and ran my section better than anyone has seen, and I got a letter of apperception for my work. Sitting at work one day I got a phone call and the person on the phone asked “I heard you are the person to talk to about getting girls”. I was speech less and I replied “yes, but who is this” he replied “Staff Sergeant Smith”. Once again I was speech less I finally said “yes SSGT how many do you want” he said “one” I said “I will have 3 there in 30 minutes”. I was the one that everyone called for girls and to plan parties. After my time in the Philippines for the second time I had learned enough in dispatch to train others to be as good as I

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