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United States Marine Corps By; Will Doerge April 1, 2009 Period 3+ “Semper Fi” The United States Marine Corp was founded November 10, 1775, in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia during the American Revolutionary War. But after the war the continental Marines were disbanded in April 1783. They were soon brought back in 1793 for the naval battle against France. (Marine Crops History Division) The United States Marine Corp is a branch of the U.S armed forces. They are recruited and trained for duties on sea and on shore. They have several basic missions, to provide expeditionary forces. The Fleet Marine Forces capture and defend bases for the Navy. There are three divisions of Marines and three aircraft divisions. They…show more content…
On each coast the Corp has a recruiting establishment, a base for infantry, supply centers and at least one large air base. The most famous depot is located on Paris Island, South Carolina, and another in San Diego, California. The training Marines go through set them apart from other military organizations. The ground infantry bases are located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and Camp Pendleton, California. The Marine air stations are located at Cherry Point and New River, North Carolina; Beaufort, South Carolina; El Toro and Tustin, California; and Yuma, Arizona. (Marine Corps, United States Heinl, Jr., R. D.) The Marines are composed up of draftees in wartime and volunteers consisting of men and women. Marine officers are mainly college graduates who have participated programs conducted at the officer candidate school in Quantico, Virginia. They are chosen from graduates of Platoon leader classes at many colleges. A few officers are chosen from the Naval Academies. New officers go threw an excruciating six month training course at Basic School located in Quantico, Virginia. (Marine Corps United States Heinl, Jr., R.

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