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AUTOBIOGRAPHY On March 23 2007 I joined the marine corps. And went through recruit training at MCRD San Diego. Graduated Recruit training January 18th 2008. I was fortunate enough to get ten days of leave and twenty eight days of recruiters assistance. After recruiters assistance I had to report into SOI west for Marine Combat Training. I graduated MCT twenty one days later. Then I reported into Combat Engineer Instruction course. Spent four months just waiting to pick up the class. April first I got promoted to Private First Class. I then reported to the fleet marine force at second Combat Engineer Battalion. My first Company was Mobility Assault Company, I was there for four months. While at Mobility Assault Company I learned Maintence…show more content…
We spent three months in Haiti, doing humanitarian relief. I received a Certificate of Accomodation. We returned from Haiti, april first. On April fifth I went to Sapper squad leaders course. Spent thirty days living at Engineer Training Area. I graduated Sapper squad leaders course on May fifth and went back to Bravo Company second platoon. Seven days later I went to Martial arts Instructors course were I earned my brown belt with a tan tab. Once I completed MAI course, I then went to Charlie Company second platoon. Were I assumed the billet of squad leader for second squad and started preparing my marines for Afghanistan. We got attached to third battalion ninth marines. We went to twenty nine palms for Extened Mojave viper training. On December seventh we deployed to Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan we did 3 company level clearing operations and 3 battalion level clears. Myself and my squad found a total of twenty four improvised explosive devices, and sixteen weapons and ammunition caches. After a long seven months we returned to the united states on July 1st

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