First Days in the Navy

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It all started during the summer of 1987 when I was just turning 19 years old. I was working as a lifeguard at the local pool and worked as a bouncer at the downtown disco club. I was running out of ideas on what to do with my life. I just graduated from high school too. I was not ready for college, but I felt the need to serve my country. Towards the end of summer, I called a few military recruiters one day and found the Navy interest me the most. I set up an appointment to meet with a Navy recruiter. I met with him and completed all the required paper work and took a couple of tests. I was extremely excited! Approximately two weeks later, I received a letter in the mail stating that accepted me into the military. I drove home and told my parents that I was going to join the Navy and see the world. Everyone was jumping for joy! This would be a day I will never forget. We all celebrated and talked about what my first day in the Navy would be like. Three days after I received my letter, I reported to the Recruiters office as directed by the letter I received in the mail. I met with Chief Petty Officer Griffin. CPO Griffin informed me that I had to complete a series of tests and fill out some more forms. These forms included a security clearance and background check. We reviewed all the previous paper work I completed to ensure accuracy. This was all required for the electronics school which I was going to attend once I completed boot camp. CPO Griffin instructed me that I was leaving first thing the next morning for boot camp. My personal affairs had to be in order before I left for the Navy. I had to pack lightly too. I hurried home and prepared myself for what was going to be my first day in the Navy. After a long night of no sleep, I scurried out of bed and got ready for the day. I checked and double checked my suitcase to ensure I had

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