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JROTC LET3 JROTC Final Exam What is your assigned duty position? Platoon Leader (Cadet 2nd Lieutenant) Part A Your Staff Responsibilities My duty for the Semiannual Awards Ceremony was to have the parents of the cadets’ sign in. I helped out cadets on correcting their gigs, making sure they looked sharp. Another thing I did was help out to make sure everything was in order and after the ceremony I helped clean and pick up stuff in the kitchen. I wish I could have had more time to help out by setting up the equipment, cleaning, and organizing. Part B Your Successes I am authorized to wear any ribbon that I’ve earned. The ribbons I am authorized to wear are the following: LET Service (N-1-6), Outstanding Attendance (N-1-9), Personal Appearance (N-3-2), Proficiency (N-3-3), Orienteering (N-3-5), Good Conduct (N-3-10), Family Support (N-3-15), and Parade (N-4-1). You can only wear one of each but if you earn more than one of the same ribbon, you can put lamps on your ribbons. The color of the lamp determines how many of the same ribbon you’ve gotten.…show more content…
4) Part C Decision Making/ Problem Solving Q:#5 Describe the steps in the 7-Step Problem Solving, Decision-Making process? * Identify (recognize/define) the problem. * Gather information (facts/assumptions). * Develop courses of action (solutions). * Analyze and compare courses of action (alternatives/solutions). * Make a decision; select the best course of action (solution). * Make a plan * Implement the plan (assess the results). Q:#6 Discuss the two (2) common errors leaders make in step

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