Personal Narrative: The Making Of A Marine

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The Making of a Marine One of my fondest memories as a young boy was watching my older brother march across hot pavement, in the sweltering sun, to earn the title Marine. My whole family anxiously awaited the moment when we would finally be able to see him. After waiting three excruciating long months, the moment drew near. Everyone went crazy upon hearing the announcer say, “Good luck, God speed, and remain Semper Fidelis Marines”. Now, it was time to find my brother. My family made our way from the bleachers to the tormenting hot pavement. We were all getting extremely sweaty while searching for my brother among the cluster of people. At last, I spotted him, or at least what I thought might be him. The person walking towards me resembled my brother; however, I was waiting to hear…show more content…
I had to complete certain tasks under these conditions, and I would be able to call myself a Marine. Everything was going well until the last fifteen minutes of this thirty- six hour event. The last step was to climb a mountain called “Grim Reaper”. It looked to be the size of Mt. Everest. I was so tired; I did not think I could make it. However, with my head down and my heart up, I marched up that mountain to reach the top. My brother let out one detail about my journey in becoming a Marine. It was, how do you know when you are truly a Marine? Well, I eventually found out. After 12 excruciating weeks, I reached the top. I remember “Proud to be an American” playing, my drill instructor handing me a Marine Corps emblem, an EGA, and telling me congratulations Marine. With tears streaming down my face, I was finally a Marine. Two days later, I was walking across that hot pavement in late August. I still recall the words spoken by the announcer at my brother’s graduation, and then at mine.” Good luck, God speed and remain Semper Fidelis

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