Personal Narrative: My Strategies For Success

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Everest College My Strategies for Success Strategies for success In this term paper, I am going to explain three strategies for success that I use for work and school. I am also going to explain how those three strategies tie in to my career choice I have made. My three strategies are to prioritize, learn, and prosper. I am also going to give an assessment of my current standing on those three abilities. As well, as state goals and map a plan of how I intend to reach those goal. Stating a timeline of when I am plan on obtain said goals state which short-term goal are and which long-term goals are. My first strategy for success Prioritizes. It is important to prioritize your time and money when I comes to school and work…show more content…
I also have a hard time managing my time during the day I always feel like there are not enough hours in the day. I would like to learn to stop procrastinating so and learn to be able to manage my time and be able to jump right in so to speak and do what need to be done during the time I have to do the tasks. Right now, I work full time forty hours a week but I work night from ten in the evening until six in the morning and then I go to school from eight until noon. So nine time out of ten I am tired after I get out of school so it is hard to concentrate and get my work done with enough time to get some sleep before I have to go to work again that night. It is also difficult for me to manage money right now because I do not make much at this point in my life so if I pay my bills I will not have money for myself which can get really frustrating when you can’t go to the store and buy something to drink or eat when you are want to eat. Secondly, my current standing on learning is I am an introvert I do not like to interact with people which is not a good trait to have when going in to the job field I have chosen as well as the degree I have chosen to pursue that. In order to be a border patrol agent you have to like to work with people and be able to make decision based on evidence and what is presented to you. I am going to have to teach myself to like to interact with people more, which I do not think I will have a problem in doing. I did it when I was in the Marine Corp. and I interact with people on a daily basis at my current job at Circle K. Thirdly my current standing on prosper is my teamwork skills are not very good I do not like working with a team that I do not know to accomplish certain

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