Personal Development Plan

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Running Head: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1 Personal Development Plan OL-125 Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina 12 June 2014 Running Head: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Abstract Personal ambitions are important to have in today’s society. The competition in today’s job market requires individuals to be on top of their game in having future aspirations for themselves. A Personal Development Plan is a strategy that consists of milestones that individuals set for themselves to reach career goals. This type of plan is based on an individual’s education and training, attentiveness, and personal standards. In this experimental report I will discuss the plan that I have set forth for myself to obtain my career goals, as well as possible obstacles and opportunities along the way to achieving them. 2 Running Head: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Personal Development Plan 3 A Personal Development Plan will be significant in each of our lives. A classic way to improve one’s capabilities in setting a path to reaching milestones throughout each of our career paths is to set goals. Composing a Personal Development Plan consists of setting milestones and striving to reach them. Among these milestones are Setting Your Vision, a SWOT analysis, and a PEST analysis. Setting goals also provides additional support to the SWOT and PEST studies. To support these analyses I have put together a plan specifically for my aspirations. Milestone One In this course I have learned that my learning preference is “kinesthetic, visual and aural (Bauer 2014).” I need to see and do things before getting the hang of it. I agree with this assessment result. When taking on a new task I like to sit with someone and have them show me what the process is a couple of times and then try to do it myself a few times. Going through this process when learning something new helps me to absorb all the steps. Doing
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