Personal Narrative: My Softball Team

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“Hello?” “Hello Sadie, it is Robin. Sorry I can’t speak to you in person. I am working in Oklahoma. I cannot describe how proud of you I am. You have worked so hard. You are an amazing athlete, leader, daughter and friend; you take accountability for your actions, on and off the field. You are one of the best young women I have ever coached. You progress further and further every single day at practice. I am calling to ask you if you would be willing to take the honor of being the captain of our team.” Without hesitation, in a soft, confident, voice I replied, “I would be honored Coach.” That weekend my softball team, The Strikers were playing in a tournament in Tooele, Utah; a boring small town in the…show more content…
Bailey was up first. She battled and battled. She hit a hard grounder into the second and first base gap. She was safe at first. We were screaming and jumping in the dugout. Lou (Alivia) was up second. Three strikes and she was out. She was running back to the dugout and stopped to talk to me before she went in. I was the third batter up. Lou stated, “She’s throwing a lot for you to hit. Look for the outside corner.” She high fived me and walked into the dugout. I then ran up to the batter’s box. I did my routine three practice swings outside the box, visualizing the perfect pitch and the perfect hit. I licked the tips of my fingers on my right hand, twisted my hands around the handle of my bat, took a deep breath, and stepped into the box. The first pitch was an inside, high, fast ball. The count was 1-0. The second pitch was an outside fast ball. I choked and didn’t swing. Kent yelled “strike”. The count was now, 1-1. The next pitch was an outside change-up. I waited on it and hit the ball right up the middle of the field. I moved Bailey to second base, and I was safe on first. Brycie got up to bat, and she was pitched three balls in a row. Her count was 3-0. The next pitch was perfect. She hit the ball far into left field. The left fielder dove and caught Brycie’s ball before it went over the homerun fence. Whitey was up, and there were two outs. She had her game face on, and her bat was ready to kill the ball. She swung on the first pitch, and Bailey and I took off running to our next base. Whitney hit the ball right center gap, and it bounced off the top of the fence back into the field. Luckily for us, it created a struggle for the Detonations right fielder. Bailey made it into home and the score was now tied up. I was coming around third base when the right fielder finally picked up the ball. She crow-hopped and threw the ball as hard as she could. I was almost to the home plate, and I saw the catcher jump high

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