Personal Narrative: The Big Day

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Today was the big day. Today was the day that has felt so far away in my mind. I could not believe this could be my last high school softball tournament ever. How could it be? It seems just like last year I was the tiny little red headed, freckled face 7th grader trying to not mess up my bat swing in front of all the senior high softball girls. Unfortunately, time goes by way too fast. I have not even noticed that all the girls that I use to look up to are gone, and roles have been swapped. I am now the role model the younger girls look up to. I know that I have to play with 110% today. I have to execute every play as if it is my last, because it very well could be. It is such a hot Tuesday morning; the first day of May. The Brilliant High…show more content…
I’m watching and the ball is headed my direction. As I stand out in centerfield I see that the ball has a lot of force behind it. It is a high ball traveling very fast. I think to myself,”McCall this is it. I have to catch this ball. What direction do I need to turn? How far do I need to back p to be able to catch this?” I quickly cut back to my rig ht side and run as fast as I can possible run. I m so focused on that yellow object soaring through the air. Its rotation slows and the ball starts to drop. I am right there beside it, chasing it to the fence for an out. I take one huge step, my second step; I leap up into the air. I am stretching my body out as far as I can. My arm is extended out and the ball starts to fall right into and then… BOOM!!!! I hit the outfield backboard. I lay there lifeless, not really knowing what is going on. People huddle all around me trying to ask me questions and touch me and open up my eyes. I feel like I have no response to any of them. Can they not here me? I feel like I am trying to talk back to them but, they are not listening to me. My coach picks me up and he and my mom carry me to the Brilliant…show more content…
I don’t seem to remember anything. I look over to my mom and she has such a panicked looked on her face. She is holding an ice pack trying to put it on my face. I start freaking out. I keep asking what I going on. Mom tells me I hit the fence and it knocked me out. But how could I have hit the fence? I have no recollection of it. DID I DROP THE BALL? Oh my goodness how horrible is this. We have to turn back around, my team needs me. We pull up at the ER and I am still not sure exactly what is going on. I get put in a wheel chair and a neck collar is placed on me. I look and my Aunt Dadra is on duty as an RN. She tells me I have to change out of my softball uniform. They need to put a hospital gone on me so they can take me to get a CT scan and x-rays to make sure there is nothing wrong internally. I still haven’t quite come back to my senses yet. After I get done with all the tests and get back to the room, I am given Lortab 10 for my pain. So unfortunately, even though I was starting to come to me my old self, the doctor decides to give me medicine to make me loony again. Shortly after all of this the doctor comes in and tells me that I have a concussion. I took a hard lick to the head, but I was going to be okay. She explains to us more that if my neck had not gave out the way it did when I hit the ground I could have very easily broke my neck and been paralyzed. I

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