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Cierra Mangum Professor Driver 17 October 2012 Baseball vs. Softball Softball and Baseball are alike in some ways, but very different at the same time, fast pitch softball and baseball. People generally state that they are the same boring game, until you know what they are about. Fast pitch softball is played with a twelve-inch ball, and composite bats. The distance between the each base is sixty feet long each base. From the pitchers mound to home plate it measures forty-three feet in length. The pitching circle is twelve feet in diameter. At a high level of softball, the field is skinned, meaning there is no grass in the infield, only dirt. There are nine players in the field at a time, three outs per inning, and seven inning…show more content…
In some leagues of fast pitch softball, there is a double first base that has been developed for safety purposes. One base is located in fair territory and one is in foul territory. The base in foul territory is colored orange, and the runner should use it when trying to beat out a close play to first base. This base stays in place on the field in softball rather than baseball because of the number of bunting situations that occur throughout the game. The strike zone is from the batters knees to their shoulder with the width of home plate. Fast pitch was an Olympic sport but unfortunately it is no longer in the Olympics. On the flip side, baseball has some similarities but some differences. The truth is that baseball, like most sports, evolved over time. The roots of baseball can be found in the English games of rounders’ and cricket. English immigrants brought with them this game, which later became known as baseball. The base path at ninety feet apart, and the pitching mound is sixty feet to home plate. Men that play, use wooden bats instead of

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