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How to Throw a Curveball Two fingers pointing down, the catcher is calling for a curveball. Leather ball with 216 red stitches traveling swiftly through the air and drops twelve inches into the strike zone. How did the curveball you threw happen? It starts in the mind and knowing that you control the game. Then it's about the form of your windup to the throw the pitch. The moment before you throw the curveball you control the game and what happens. There is a detailed process that goes into delivering the curveball. Mental preparation is required before you step on to the rubber. When you stand on the mound, take a few seconds to run through the steps of how to throw a curveball. While you are standing on the mound, you have the other…show more content…
First, lift your glove over your head with your hand gripping the ball in the glove through the entire windup. While you lift your glove up, step straight back with your left foot by a few inches. If you are left handed then everything is opposite with the foot. Next turn your right foot sideways with the inside of your leg facing the batter. Take your left leg and bring it up to a 90 degree angle to your body. The left knee will be facing the dugout, when it is at 90 degree angle. While you bring your leg up bring your glove down to where your leg and waist meet. From here break apart your glove and the hand holding the ball. Push your glove hand forward toward the catcher, while pushing the ball hand behind you to make a circle. At the same time start to lunge forward off the mound using your right foot as a push-off. Your lead foot, in our case left foot, should land out in front of you toward the catcher. This is important for your balance and where you are aiming the ball. When your right arm and ball are perpendicular to your shoulder it is time to release it. To release the ball you snap your wrist and arm down. Your two fingers and thumb will be on top and the ball should just roll out of there. The motions after the pitch is very important to the execution of the

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